The following awards will be given out at the 2021 Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge:

  • Event Winner Trophy (up to 4 teams)

  • Event Finalist Trophy (up to 4 teams)

  • MVRC Mentor of the Year Award (see below for details)

  • MVRC YSU STEM College Scholarship Winner (see this page for details)

  • Adventurer Award - Automatically awarded to the team that travels the furthest distance to compete at the MVRC

In addition to these awards, each team will receive a nomination form in their registration packets upon which they will nominate a single team in each of the following categories:

  • Best Autonomous

  • Best Offense

  • Best Defense

  • Best Endgame

  • Team Spirit

  • Imagery

  • Gracious Professionalism

Teams will turn their completed forms into the Pit Admin table at an instructed time prior to closing ceremonies. Stay tuned for Pit announcements during the event.


The MVRC is giving teams the opportunity to recognize one of their own team mentors for their special contributions to the team and FIRST in general.

The MVRC Mentor of the Year Award winner will earn a painted plasma-cut trophy with a look and feel similar to the Event Winner and Finalist trophies.

Here are the entry guidelines:

    • Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winners and previous MVRC Mentor of the Year Award winners are ineligible for consideration.

    • Only one entry per competing FRC team (i.e. practice bot spots can’t submit entries).

    • Nominations must be written by students.

    • Students can only nominate mentors on their team.

    • One page typed essay entries must be turned in by Wednesday October 13th so they can be evaluated and a winner selected before event day.

    • Entries must clearly indicate nominee name, team number, and team name.

    • Please email your team's entry to

    • The winner will be announced during the closing awards ceremony.